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So, like it was around March or April where I wanted to check out some guns that can be made from cardboard on YouTube ( I was making one a that time ), so just, you know, DIY projects, then I opened YouTube and saw a random recommendation → “Make Radar in Arduino at home”, I was instantly like, “what, radar which were being used in jets or airplanes can be made at home, impossible”. I clicked on the video, “little did I knew, that random recommendation is gonna change my life” . Then heard the name Arduino, and searched more about it and turns out, it is a device which you can attach sensors to and can be programmed to do a lot of stuff. Few days after that I researched more, made a list of what to buy and it was around 20$, because I didn’t wanted to waste much money nor my mom wanted me to buy something which is not necessary in my current studies, but I convinced her to buy 20$ of stuff and we then wanted to nearby electronic shop in our city, turns out, that shop had nothing that was in my list, He suggest us to go to another city to get all that stuff which turns out…. was capital of our country, Delhi!

I was around Jun in 2018, we went there, buy almost all the stuff that was in my list, turns out it was around 40$ and I expected, 20$ :( But my dad was okay with that. My mom was angry to spending that much in “not necessary in studies stuff”, but I was so happy that day, the next day I wake up and directly checking out my stuff, I had a computer already which I was playing game on for the past 4 years, but for the first time, I started doing some real stuff on that, many months went by and I made a lot of stuff ( got a little bored ) but then I was thinking why to stop here now, let’s continue, by using Arduino I had some rough knowledge of C++ but I wanted to learn different language, so I then searched for what language is best. The I saw python, simple & powerful programming language, I can still remember the event when I, for the first time run print("Hello, World!") . Now starting months were good but after that I started to see my PC ( it was intel dual core platinum chip ) was just potato, like real potato, it just wasn't able to run chrome and other applications smoothly and lagging so often. Then I decided to buy a new laptop, it was really hard decision, and after a lot, like really a lot of debate....

21 November, 2018

New laptop!! Faster speed. I learned more about python ,did some YT videos, made some projects, but after few weeks, I saw a word, Machine learning and AI, I was like, can I learn AI, tried it, on Feb 2019, Failed :(,

1 April, 2019

Now, this date marks the important of my life, like quite literally, because this date, I tried Machine Learning A-Z course for the second time, and I didn’t stop after that, and that’s why I am here. I did many more courses from SuperDataScience, wonderful instructors there, thanks Kirill Eremenko & Hadelin de Ponteves, did many Kaggle competitions, projects, but after that….. I started freelancing on Fiverr, I made a gig on Sep 21, 2019, for the next 1 month, no users :( . But on……

Oct 25, 2019

I just got my first customer, we did a chat, he sent an order, I tried my best to complete everything in mine and deliver clear & good stuff. Goal was to just get a good 5 star review, I got it! After that, many more came, many 5 starts, and i also started to get some outsize Fiverr contracts. But things went on, I just freelanced for the next 6–7 months, and some python and DL refreshing courses! Especially of ZeroToMastery ( Andrei Neagoie ) and Andrew Ng in coursera. And then Exams….. and learning some Web Development, and on 17 April 2020, Andrei Neagoie posted a teaching assistant job for his new Machine learning course, I got really really excited, I sent him message right away. He asked to answer some question on their course and see how well I will answer them.

April 20, 2020

And on this date, I got my contract with ZeroToMastery, a great company with only increasing students, which I want to work for as long as possible. then after that, it was my everyday job to answer students questions on Udemy, still to this date! Things went by as usual, I worked on my personal website and ML projects, and then I had an idea to make my course on Udemy and after July 2020, I was working everyday, countless hours on that, and also I found out AIcrowd by it’s blitz challenges and other challenges, so I gave it a try, shared my work in their discord server, and….

17 September, 2020

AIcrowd CEO, Mohanty, actually reached out to me and asked for a call. So we had a chat and he offered me an ML inter for 3 months, to see if it goes well and I was able to job the job, I just couldn’t able to stop my excitement.

and so the work continues as working with AIcrowd and creating of my course, until…..

November 3, 2020

I launched my computer vision course! Then after i just had rest for 2 months and played games! At the end to year, mohanty and I evaluated what i did for the past 3 months, turns out, it’s wasn’t great, but he still gave me another chance because I was the active guy, among my partners that i was working with together. And things continues, I was tasked creating challenges for AIcrowd Blitz. And exams came on March, and mohanty, which was I working with for the past 6 months, invited me to come to Hydrabad to their AIcrowd hub and work with them for few weeks, after few more chats, turns out, it was going to be my first flight which is on…. April 1, the date it all started!

April 1, 2021

Pretty Good! I had my first flight!


Have a good one!

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